The first and only artificial intelligence to cancel services.

You know the hell you’ve been through when calling to a telemarketing center to cancel a service? Relax, The Canceller do it for you :)

We invented an unprecedented combination of different technologies

Through combining the most efficient VoiceBots and the most advanced technology in artificial intelligence, we have created a robot that connects to companies and cancels the service on their behalf. Just push a button and The Canceller does all the boring work for you. Without stopping, 24/7.

He never gives up. ever.

The Canceller composition

25% Voice Bot
40% Artificial Intelligence
35% Programming
0% Stress for you
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The Canceller is a project of the ReclameAqui, the largest consumer protection platform in Brazil for the last 17 years. So you can just chill: the robot uses encrypted data and keeps it in absolute confidentiality.

used it
Canceling a service is the worst headache of a consumer. Will no longer be.

To develop The Canceller, we invite users who complained in ReclameAqui about the difficulty of canceling a service.

watch above the result